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Related post: Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 20:51:03 -0700 From: Subject: Red 20Red by dnrock( Adventures On My OwnMom and dad got back just before university classes were due to start. Dad would need to go back several times during the year but only for short periods. Maybe he could arrange to visit Athens with me for my quarterly assessments. Shelia and I didn't have all that much difficulty with skipping a grade, work wise. We both tight nude preteens needed to do a little extra reading once in a while, stuff we missed preteen teenies young but that fist preteen was all. We were both performing right near the top of our classes. A few of the grade nines were giving Omar and I a hard time about my golden foot award. They were suggesting the wings indicated we ran away fast. Shelia played the little movie on my cell phone for them. Suggesting they read Elias' post instead of just looking at the pictures. Nothing more was said. I was never quite sure how they even found out about it but I guess the "Jungle Telegraph" is alive a well at B.J.J.H.Due to the proximity of my birthday, Halloween and Nancy's wedding, we did not have a big party. Instead Shelia and I went to the dance at the school.Apollo Bidis picked us up at the airport, in a King Air he had rented. That was my first surprise, I had no idea russian preteens video he was a pilot. preteen kissing galleries I knew he preteen cuties videos was a well known preteens ed teens nature and fashion photographer. His web site has hundreds of his images on display and one can place orders for them. In the lead time before we departed, Shelia and I had seen all three of his Friends Forever books and a good overview of his fashion or advertising materials. We had email back and forth with his staff, mostly a fellow named Brad. We would be working with several older models, including the spying on preteen two deaf kids from the Friends Forever series. Most of the adult models were local Southern California people. The client is a sports ware company and we were doing the new spring: swim ware, casual and underwear lines.I am surprised the narrator has not stuck his two cents in yet. I misspoke, that was the second surprise. The first was we were not being accompanied by our adults. I guess Mrs Bidis convinced them chaperones were not needed. The third surprise was how young everyone was and the forth was Shelia and I were asked if we were a couple or wanted separate rooms. I don't know if he talked to Kos on the side or not but I didn't care and neither did Shelia. If we could share a bed, that was all that mattered to us.I had no idea just how hard models, for this fashion stuff, have to work. It is not physical labor but lots of hurry up and wait, over all it is quite stressful. Look this way, with that expression, hold your had like so, don't move.... I like action and was most happy when we were doing things like games or preteen voyeur photo running, even swimming. We did the location stuff first and moved to the studio for its share. That is the boring part. The underwear stuff was Ok but it is mostly just taking a pose this way or that way and holding it while Apollo moved around or shoot from behind his tripod.On the third day he asked us if we were interested in some art shots. He is making a new series called "young love". It is a collection of couples from small children through young adults. Mostly in black and white and all done in the studio. I illegal preteen directory called Kos and preteen thong spandex he told me it was Ok, the commercial arrangements had already been made, but only if we wanted. Shelia and I talked it over and agreed. He had us holding hands and kissing and touching each other, but not in a pornographic way. We always had clothing on. The preteen cp girl ones I liked the best were the ones with us in our swim costumes, dad seduce preteen they showed our perfect bodies and clear smooth skin the best. preteens models directory Freckles don't count! One thing for sure was, our emotional connection came across clearly in his work, even the ones with high contrast or very subdued lighting. Apollo said we had "camera presence".Later that afternoon we shared some of the most sensual and erotic bed experiences ever. I call that "fucking presence". The whole modeling experience was highly erotic for us. The male and female models, as well as Apollo's staff, were all very sexy and standing next to one of those older boy studs or the well endowed girls was about all I could stand. Man if Shelia had not been with me, I would have needed both my hands or a lot of boy help, to keep me under control. She preteen model young did that for me and I guess me for her. All I know is after a couple of hours before the camera, Shelia and I were so worked up we would have gladly made any porn Apollo asked for, he didn't.When we got back to our room top site preteens it was erotic heaven. One would have thought that we just jumped into bed and fucked. Not so. Shelia wanted this to be more romantic. Man is she smart or what. I mean I was ready for action, had I not listened to her, I would have miss out on the real preteenz young pussy fun and pleasure of making love, not just making sex.Anyway preteen naturalist camp she had me get out my digital camera, requesting me do a slow and sensual strip tease for her. I had not ever done this, even for myself. I knew more or less what was required. All one needs to do is visit a few net sites like Gayteen Studio (no longer operating) preteen videos model or Bad Puppy. I'm sure glad Kos let me find out his passwords.Anyway, I did a slow pull off of my shirt and let my hands drift over my chest and arms. Showed my profile, while sucking in my tummy and flexing my muscles, you know the drill. When I got my shorts off I had one super erection, when you my age they are all super. I had on the Cleveland special bikini briefs. I know I looked great and when preteen pedoland I saw the pictures in the little viewer, that just confirmed it. My penis was full erect, given all the stimulation and the presence of my girl love what else. It was clearly outlined, even the arrow shaped head, since my foreskin had almost completely retracted. Anyway my balls showed too. I know Shelia is as fascinated with my genitals as I am with hers. Guess that is why humans bread so well.The material is smooth and slick and clings to my body like skin, the pouch just molds itself to the shape it is confining. She had me kneel on the love seat and look out the window, so my butt and back were straight on the camera; due to the lights in the room and the reflection from the light colored walls, little shadows from along my back bone, at my waist and next to my shoulder blades, when I moved my arms to place my hands next to or on my buttocks. These undies have a little seam up the center so they just tuck into my cleft, man does that look good.Next she hand me stand, with the light from the window at my side, a profile series, and slowly peal off the briefs. I gathered the material in my hand, as I lowered them. This exposes the area above the pubis but keep the cock covered. I turned slightly toward her about an eight of the way. The side light give just enough of a shadow, to illustrate the small cleft in my chest, between my nipples and my belly preteenz free pics button, and muscles of course. I lowered them a bit more and exposed my pubis, still no hair, but kept my penis covered by pushing my hands from my side, forward a bit.The reason I can describe this so vividly is the large mirror on the other side of the room. I was preforming for her, I was preforming for me too. Anyway, she moved to my left to kept me in my position, getting a more profile view. More like five eights. I pushed the undies a little lower exposing my shaft but not the head. When I got them below the head it popped up and stuck straight out. My undies dropped to the floor and Shelia moved for a full profile shot, showing my spear like erection and my round bubble butt. Then she moved in for some close ups 5yo preteen bbs of my business end, with and without my hands in the picture. preteen illegal xxs Oh man extreme young preteens you could see the precome glistening on the cock head too. I could tell Shelia wanted to lick it off and I sure wanted her too.She backed incest preteen thumbnail up a bit and had me pose in quarter turns right through the full 360. She had me move around the room and take various poses showing my great body form and my boyhood. I'm glad it sticks out so straight. She had me stop by the window which has some shear curtains to diffuse the light, and took a lot of close up of my crotch and butt. Man you see every freckle and the finest little blond hairs. They are probably red but since they are so fine they look blond. I know I was getting to her because she kept rubbing her crotch and running her russia preteen xxx hand over her nipples. Soon it would be her turn.I know if Kos or Apollo were preteen tube sex taking these pictures they would do all kinds of artsie stuff. Shelia just want to recored her boy in all his masculine glory, I guess. nonude preteen model I think if either of them were taking the pictures they would have spent more time on my perfect butt, at least Kos. For the last group I lay on the floor, took a number of poses that showed my flat tummy and large, well large for my age, penis. You know legs spread, stiff waving in the breeze. I guess she is more artistic then I thought or she has been looking at the same adult stuff I have.I kind of wanted her to pose for me but by this time she was just preteen feet forum to revved up; I helped her undress and we just fucked like rabbits, until models teens preteens completely spent.Apollo called our room inviting us to a special dress up dinner. Shelia sure liked that idea so did I but we didn't have any fancy dress up stuff with us. Apollo laughed, telling us Jonas and Shelley would be right up with a solution. Jonas and Shelley are the deaf kid models, that he brought with him. They were the ones featured in his books. We both liked them and liked working with them. When we saw them together we understood the kind of camera presence magic, that they have. Kos said Shelia and I had it too but I'm not sure he is completely objective. Anyway, when they arrived, Joans had a tux on and was carrying two dry cleaning bags over his shoulder. These kids are both 14. Shelley had what could only be described as a designer dress, like one would see only in Hollywood. Jonas handed me one bag and Shelia the other. Shelley carried a small case.Shelley signed, what I think was "smells like sex", to Jonas. I young nakedpreteen girls know Shelia and I just looked puzzled. Jonas pinched his nose made a circle with his left thumb and a finger and poked his index finger through the circle. We got the message and both of us turned bright red. They chuckled and 3d erotica preteen smiled and kissed each other. So we kissed too. pix preteen bbs Now both couples were assured, we were all lovers, so Jonas started helping me out of my street cloths and into my Formal attire. Shelley helped Shelia too. I think they were afraid if left to ourselves, we would become distracted and take too long.Jonas' hands seamed to find my crotch and butt right off. I think he liked the sexy undies too. When my reaction was a half up he took my hand and placed it on his crotch, to indicate to me he too was bisexual. We knew they were both good lip readers, so Shelia and I could express ourselves as we new preteen tgp do best. When in the bathroom I asked him how he knew, I was into boys? Jonas smiled and pulled out a paper from his inside breast pocket. It was an email from Bjorn. I smiled and we kissed several times. Man is he good. I don't know who taught him but I can guess. When we came out the girls were into fixing Shelia's hair and I she too had that just kissed look on her face, just like I did. Oh man is this going to be a night to remember or what.The adults would not let us kids have any wine or spirits. After dinner was over they were going to party supermodel pre teen but we were obviously not invited. Jonas and Shelley lead us to their room, which was connecting to Apollo and Veronica's. They picked up their casual cloths and empty suit-dress covers and all went forum sexgeschichten preteen to ours. We boys helped our girls out of their dresses and undies. Then they helped us. After we folded and packed up the rental outfits, I took Shelia and Joans took Shelley to the nearest bed. We played kiss face and body feel for a bit, then Jonas preteens model boys and Shelley joined us. I know this was new for Shelia but she seamed to go with the flow. Before long Jonas and I were right into it. The girls were not far behind. I guess they had done his before, since Jonas guided me and Shelley guided Shelia. I know I was rock hard and beautiful preteen top so was he but even with our mutual oral stimulation, neither of us seamed quite ready to come.Shelia was on her back with Shelley's head between her legs. Shelia had spread them wide and while Shelley used her tongue she got on her knees and stuck her butt in the air. That seamed to be a signal for Jonas. He rolled a condom on my cock, greased it up and rolling another on him years preteennudegirl self, took my hand and indicated I fuck him once he entered Shelley. I did, oh boy is he a talented fuck too. preteen post link He knew just how to push and pull, rotate his hips, how to signal me with his hands. I quickly petite preteen nonnude picked up on his rhythm, making sure to hit his prostrate at every opportunity. Shelley had Shelia writhing below her. I ******** xxx preteen came young preteen girl fist, Shelia second and Jonas and Shelley third and forth. Wow was that something. After a quick piss brake and a little cuddling time, the girls switched positions and so did us boys. Now I had never fucked a girl and been fucked by a boy at the same time before. This is just one super event. Shelia and I snuggled up on one ukranian nude preteens of the beds and fell asleep but I also know some time during the night Jonas moved in next to me as I felt his cock in my butt and it was wonderful. Shelia must have moved over to Shelley since in the morning Shelley was lapping at her pussy again and I was fucking Jonas.After meeting Bjorn, I had wanted to meet more deaf people and am I glad that desire was fulfilled. I was also amazed that Jonas and Shelley, Apollo and Veronica and some of the others seamed to know all the same people I did. From the look on their faces, I could see they had shared sex with them too. It turned out that Jonas was quite the artist. I think he has as much raw talent as Kos preteens ilegal nude but his style is way different. He takes a lot of snap shots and photographs too. From what he said, mostly using Veronica to translate his signing, he wanted to preteen nudist collection be a photographer, ever since he met Apollo. He was preteen sex games not at all into the wildlife and nature like Apollo. He was more into portraits and art stuff. Shelley was more interested in writing like Veronica but like Shelia she had not dedicated her talent to anything yet. Well I guess it is like me too. I am still not committed to anything much but I do like math and science.From some of our privet conversations, he writes and preteens defloration I speak, Jonas told me he was Apollo's boy since forever. I told preteen top xxx him I was my older brother's boy. I gave him the kiss sign, well I did lean something last summer, he smiled and laid one hell of a tongue probing tonsil explorer on me. preteen white panties Wow is he good. pictures hot preteens I think he liked my return too.On the way home Jonas and Shelly were singing a whole bunch of songs, mostly Brian Adams' stuff. I guess they are some of Jason Adonis' favorites. At first I wondered how they nude ukraine preteen would do this but Veronica sung the words for us as they signed to us and each other. Shelley told us how they preformed at Jason and Eva's wedding along with them, "beauty and the voice". Veronica told me to make sure and bring my guitar on the next trip. I was not sure if their would be a next trip but I guess she has an in with management.I had wanted all of them to come and meet my family and Shelia's too, but they could not. Next time they come to our city they would make a point of it. I know gratis preteen kindersex Kos and Jonas would have lots to talk about. I learned a lot on this trip. I learned a lot about myself and my girl and how we can relate to others and still be as strong with each other as ever. On thinking about what we had been doing, I mean she watched me fucking Jonas and him fucking me. On the other hand she was getting it on with Shelley, right in front of me too, so I guess we are even.As the fall progressed I was into my marshal arts stuff and swimming club, music, the Ganymedes and spending as much time as I could with dad at his office. I naked amateur preteen was really starting to get into this math stuff. I mean in a big way too. One of my favorite TV programs is called Numbers. I kind of like how they use math to figure things out. Dad is real good, if I am not sure of the procedures they use in a story, he shows me the equations and outlines a gwen preteen model bit of the theory, if he knows it. I get it right away. I think I am going to like this math stuff in the future.Shelia and I had to kind of sneak around to keep sleeping together. Well we don't really sleep together, we just get together for sex a lot. Mom and dad don't get home most days until after 6 and Shelia needs to be home by 5 at the latest, we can often get a little time alone in the afternoon. At least we don't need to worry about Kos catching us. preteen erotic films I am more worried about him wanting cute kitten preteen to join the action. We can't preteens soft erotic do that every day either, since we both have after school sports on Tuesday and Thursday.Mom came in today in quite a huff. I had never seen her like this but my experience is limited in this family. Kos said he had only seem her this mad once before. That was over some kind of separation of church and state issue. For a professor of illegal preteen model classical studies she is not your stereotype, in looks or attitude. She may study, teach and write about ancient things fotos preteens short but my mom is one modern lady. Dad came in a little bit later and just ducked into his study. When I came in he just smiled and said, "it is always safe in here until nn naturist preteen Fredia calms down." He handed me a book on quantum machines to read.Kos was safe in his studio and Mrs. Hampel only comes in half days now but she comes every day. I still get lots of cookies and she always sends some to Shelia too. At dinner we found out just what was bothering mom. It was over some evangelist preacher named Haggard. I guess he had pissed her off over some of his more conservative political stands. Mom gets real mad when any religious group tries to press it social and as she says, "pretend moral agenda" on the rest of us. Mom by the way is a big supporter of Academic Freedom. Anyway she had several run ins with him over such things as abortion in the past. "He is nothing but an intellectual bigot," she told me over dinner. The latest thing to get her goat, was his trying to organize voters against gay marriage. "His logic is bogus and his message is nothing more than bigoted and questionable."No reader your author and narrator will not allow Fredia or Russ to go preteen models naturists off on some editorial, just read on."Here," she said, holding up today's news paper. Evangelical Hypocrisy (AP)"Influential evangelist Ted Haggard pregnant nude preteens admitted Friday that he bought methamphetamine and received a massage from a male prostitute who claims the pastor paid him for regular sex. But he maintained that he never had sex with the hustler or used the drug.Haggard, an outspoken a vocal opponent of gay marriage, resigned as president of the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals and leader of Colorado's New Life Church, after accusations from the gay escort hit airwaves...Haggard, who is often credited with rallying conservative preteen bambi pics Christians behind U.S. President George Bush for his 2004 sunbbs preteens re-election, talks to Bush or his advisers every week, according to Harper's Magazine....On Friday, the 50-year-old pastor denied having sex with Mike Jones, a 49-year-old male prostitute who told a radio station Haggard paid him for near-monthly sexual trysts over the past three years...Haggard also admitted to reporters that he bought the drug out of curiosity, but he threw it away."I bought it for myself but never used it," he said. "I was tempted, but I never used it."The allegations come as voters in Colorado and seven other U.S. states get ready to decide Tuesday on amendments that define marriage as being between one man and one woman.""Kos I think you should do up some political cartoons about this two faced bozo. I preteen age porn have never in my life seen preteen body massages such a two faced, bigoted, hypocrisy as this. While I never liked the fellow and have always argued against his emotional and aporia based logic, I at least thought turk adult preteen he was sincere. In truth, he is noting but a bigoted, hypercritical, demigod. These people would have women back to barefoot and pregnant, criminalized for seeking control over their bodies, a slave to some theological mythology. They would continue to try and preteen gia model make anyone that doesn't agree with them second class citizens. And yo preteen naked don't get me started on social-political agenda the those pedo preteen 14 theocons he pre ports to represent."Kos' mouth was hanging open and so was mine. spanish preteen nudes Dad just smiled. "Well, Kosmos?""Of course I will draw some up for you mom. I don't like the bastard any more then you do. As long as this does not turn into some kind of project that takes up preteen erection movies more time than I have.""Let me see, how about five on this subject."Kos and I departed for the studio. He drew up several after downloading a good picture of the fellow. He explained how a cartoonist needs to use some physical characteristics that can be over emphasized and create situations, that show the hypocrisy of the position you wish to attack or support, as the case may be. He got started and I want back to the kitchen to get in on the discussion mom and dad were having. This is fun. They are both real smart and I can learn a lot, I thought. I did too.Mom made some phone calls and Kos faxed his drawing for day preteens erotic one to Todd's paper and to the university press. The university put his cartoon on page one, along with a devastating story. Todd's paper put the sex movies preteens cartoon on the editorial page, where one expects to find such things.The students at the art college were furious with the proposed new law on the ballet. They had been all along and this thing just fueled them. They were out on the street protesting, picketing the local offices of any Republican candidates and so on. Kos became a minor hero in their eyes. He is a major hero in mine. Mom suddenly was giving interviews over the telephone to all kinds of places over the next few days. She can be devastating when she gets going and she sure got going.In one debate on TV she was up against the local RC Archbishop. She cleaned his proverbial clock about church and state separation and devastated his claim to moral authority, demonstrating that any the church might have had was lost during the crusades and inquisition. Calling him a patristical and hypocritical among other things. I think what got him in the most trouble, when he quoted some passages pro ported to show that homosexuality was against god's law. Mom quickly quoted the original Greek and Hebrew/Aramaic, it was written in and then proceeded to translate that to Latin and modern English. Showing it said no such thing. (Another discussion your pseudo erudite author will not go into here, nonude art preteen but it is fascinating.)Fredia also pointed out that marriage was not always just between men and women, using the Minions as one example and polygamist practices of many other cultures and so on. She also totally devastated his argument, since marriage was defined and operated by the state, lsm preteen gallery not the church, his right to reserve his sacrament to his members was not being violated, in fact it was being strengthened. "It comes down to power and money and all you are attempting to do, is denying a group you don't agree with the same preteen doujinshi rights as you have. sweet model preteens In fact, many of your statements are reminiscent of the pro slavery writings of your church, before the abolition of slavery and the Civil War."On Monday, before the election and after the debate pre teen lovelies and several cartoons had been published, I got into a little altercation in PE. Four grade nines got me in a corner and started giving me a hard time. I guess nonnude models preteen they didn't like Kos' cartoons or mom's intellectual victory. Anyway they were from one of those evangelic churches. When Omar saw I was in a bit of trouble he ran over and started to throw punches. That got it started, and well you know me, preteen lol sites I finished it. Two black eyes, three bloody noses, one bruised sternum, along with four very hurt prides later, we were all in the Principal's office. Shelia was beside herself when she found out and I could hear her but they would not let her in. I think it was about 5 minutes later that Judge Carter phoned the Principal's office, followed by Fred. They wanted to know if Omar and I wanted to file charges.The Principal just wanted to defuse the situation. One of the grade nines, kind of cocky fellow, would have none of it. He was not repentant for what he said, stupidly repeating the threats he had made against me and Kos and our mom. He added a few toward Omar too. The other three didn't want to say anything but when the kid threatened to tell preteen cgi board their paster they failed to support him, were intimidated enough to at least agree with him. Well on that score we had them and the Principal was our witness.When the Principal ask Omar why he ran over and got involved, he just replied: "Russ is my friend and I didn't like the four to one odds." The principal just looked at the four and at us, who were unscathed and laughed. He opened the student handbook and read the passages about fighting, intimidation, bullying, sportsmanship and so on. The four just hung their heads, they had been "hoisted by their own petard" and they knew it."Russell has every right to press charges against you four, on any number of offenses. This school has a zero tolerance policy on bullying, largely because your paster forced the school board to adopt it, as I recall. Therefore I have no photo preteens gays choice but to expel you four, pending a hearing before, let me see, Judge Carter. As I recall Russell, he was very complementary of your service in Omar's recent family difficulties. Since you four are grade 9's and Russell is only a grade 7, I would think the odds and size differential should earn him even more praise. As to Omar, he should not have just started swinging, his intentions were nobel so I don't think youngest preteen art any further action is required.""But sir, Russell is Judge Carter's granddaughter's boyfriend and he..." I think they realized they were on thin ice here and stopped talking.I asked to call Judge Carter, winking at the Principal. The four just lost all the bravado they had. "Judge this is Russell again. Thanks for the offer but I think we can solve this with Principal Barton's help."Are you asking me to turn this over to him?""Yes sir, if the zero tolerance policy will allow that.""I think masturbating preteen girl it will, you preteen upskirt video got them good did you?""Good enough but no permanent damage, sir.""Ok, give the phone to Mr. Barton and make sure and give Shelia an extra kiss from me.""Yes Sir!" I gave the phone to Principal Barton.He reported to the boys that Judge Carter agreed with Russell and that we can handle this internally. "Now boys, you will not be suspended, you will be confined in the library for the next three days, to write preteen underage slut a minimum 1000 word essay, on why your confutation with Russell was wrong and how you should have gone about expressing you disagreement with his brother's cartoons.""Russell would you tell us why you didn't want this in court?"Sure, several reasons: 1. As soon as Ed, ah Judge Carter saw my name, he would have recused himself from the case. The boys looked puzzled. Recused means withdrawn and hand over to another judge. 2. If you get suspended and some kind of punishment from the court, you become martyrs. This way you just become embarrassed by having your ass kicked by a grade 7 and 8. 3. I knew Principal Barton would be fucking preteen boys fair. His essay will give you a chance to reach a real understanding of why your approach was wrong and perhaps you will learn what the meaning of very cute preteen what your faith is all about. 4. My dad always says let the punishment fit the crime. Since no real harm came to Omar or myself, no real harm, like an expulsion record, should come to you.The next day in science class Fitz drew a little diagram on the board and asked us to calculate the force being delivered by an 80 pound boy, plowing both free preteenmodels his feet into the chest of a 200 pound man, from a distance of 1 meter, pictures of preteen from a height of 1.5 meters. This got giggles from everyone in the place including me. preteen bikini boys By now the jungle telegraph had my exploits so well known, no names need to be mentioned.He then went on to explain some of the different units that might be employed. Some of these were even funny. I like him, he makes science topless preteens com fun and practical too. Anyway he explained the idea of Force equaling Mass multiplied by Acceleration. "Now, if picture russian preteen this was straight down or even at some curvature we could use the pull of gravity which is 9.75 m (32 feet) /second squared. Since it is not, some assumptions or measurement would need to be used." He called me up and attached a small device to my ankle, then he asked me to kick the wall, like I do in Karate but not to brake the concrete block, as the administration wouldn't like that, and not my foot, since I wouldn't like that. The class all laughed. I did as requested, he read the meter which said 60.96 meters/ second. "That fast, preteen girl kiddy so don't mess with Russell unless you too are very fast." he smiled.Fits went to the board and wrote: a footpoundal is the unit of work equal to a force of one poundal moving through a distance of one foot. A poundal is the a unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 foot/second squared to a mass of 1 pound; equal to yo porn preteen 0.1382 Newtons. "Can you apply the formula F=MA and calculate the footpoundals," he 3d preteen links asked? I had the answer before most even had the stuff on their paper."200 footpoundals.""That is correct, and 200 footpoundals is about 8.4 joules or 6.2 foot pounds-force (the work done by moving a mass of one pound the vertical distance of 1 foot against the force of gravity) or 3 horsepower hours or 2 tons of TNT but I am not sure if those are long or short tons. If they are long tones then about the same as 2 Tonnes but if short tons then about 1.8 Tonnes or long tons."By now everyone was giggling since he was making this fun. Sure footpoundals are real units but no one uses that much any preteen underage toplist more: he told us, "since Russell was so adept at using his feet to put bad guys in their place, I preteen panties nn thought footpoundals was the most appropriate descriptor". I just turned bright red again, about as bright as my hair, I was proud too. And wow, I never thought that my foot or feet could deliver so much power. I mean 2 tons of TNT wow, no wonder I broke Lope's leg. Hum, I wonder how much force is exerted by an erect penis penetrating a tight anus or pussy? No, I won't even begin to figure that out. It would take all the fun out of fucking, I like fun. (And the author can't find his scientific calculator on his very messy desk.)
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